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Work with Us!

Perfect opportunity for high school and college students on break. Competitive pay, relaxed working environment and flexible hours. Make some cash while still enjoying your summer vacation.

No Open Positions

Please check back regularly for open positions. Positions become available around April/May when our season starts. Most positions are part-time and seasonal.


Competitive Pay, Flexible Hours & Shifts, Free Drinks & Snacks, Free Employee Lunches, Discount on rentals for Self, Friends & Family, On-The-Job Training, Paid Uniforms and More!

Due to the temporary & event nature of this job, staff positions and hours are dictated by business and weather. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of hours on any scheduled day. We strive to provide as many hours as possible to our team members. This is typically a weekend business with a majority of hours being available Friday, Saturday and Sundays. There are occasional hours that might be available on weekdays and holidays.

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